June 2 Dina Maccabee + Ron Shalom, The Library of Musiclandria and Friends/ Rachel Fruend and Linda Michelle Hardy

Doors 7:30PM 10$
Dina Maccabee

Dina Maccabee specializes in experimental, traditional, and improvisational approaches to viola and violin; creative songwriting; and using her voice expressively in both narrative and non-narrative modes. She brings depth and complexity to her solo performances using electronic processing, looping, and effects. A graduate of the Wesleyan University MA composition program, she has performed worldwide as a soloist and with pop, jazz, and experimental artists including Feist, Wilco, Julia Holter, Vienna Teng, Beth Custer, Mark Orton, Sharon Jones, Donovan, Butch Morris, Sufjan Stevens, and many others.

Ron Shalom
Ron Shalom presents songs from the peripheries of consciousness utilizing electronics, video and storytelling. As a composer-instrumentalist and leader of the Cult of the Illuminated Orifice, Shalom seeks out the boundaries between forms of performance in public life, as well as between the musical and the theatrical, through the creation of spectacle. Recent projects include a semi-staged nihilo-pornography with the Cult, and his third full-length album of original songs recorded with his baroque death pop ensemble.
Rachel Fruend is co-founder of Sacramento’s local free music lending library “The Library of Musiclandria.” Rachel is a lifelong classically trained clarinet player with an ear for natural and invented multi- instrument soundscapes. Linda  Hardy is Irish, Dutch, and Apache. Linda is a clay artist and has been playing woodwinds as a lifelong passion. Linda plays experimental and regional music. She has worked with Vinny Golia, Deborah Pittman, Ross Hammond, and Amy Reed. Together, Linda and Rachel create awareness of our natural environment through sound .

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