Mama C March 10

mamacDoors 7:30 PM

Charlotte Hill O’Neal aka Mama C is an internationally known visual artist, musician, performance artist and poet of more than three decades of experience. She was born in Kansas City, KS in 1951 and has lived in Tanzania, east Africa, with her husband Pete O’Neal, former Chairman of the Kansas City Chapter Black Panther Party and founder of United African Alliance Community Center UAACC and the Leaders of Tomorrow Children’s Home, since 1972. She is a mother of two children and Co-Founder and Director of UAACC located outside of Arusha, Tanzania.
Mama C is one of the very few women in the world who plays nyatiti and obokano, African traditional eight string lyres that originate in Kenya. She enjoys accompanying herself at times while reciting her poetry and storytelling in the manner of the ancient griots of Africa. She is currently exploring the art of playing kamale ngoni, a 12 string African traditional harp that originates in Mali.
Straight Out Scribes are Dr. V.S. Chochezi and Staajabu are a unique mother and daughter poetry team known as “Straight Out Scribes.” They are widely published, have received many honors and awards and have self-published seven books of poetry and two CD compilations. In addition to their writing and performance accomplishments, this mother/daughter poetic duo has produced and coordinated many consciousness-raising events and fund-raisers primarily on the West Coast since they first decided to make it their home in 1991. They are often referred to as activist poets and have spent the past 25+ years working on the campaign to free Mumia Abu-Jamal and the MOVE 9.


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