BIGGI VINKELOE 12/19/15 & 1/ 9/16


December 19th LADY J’s
Alison Bailey Streich, violin
Sally Conklin, keyboard
Rachel Repanshek, tenor saxophone
Elizabeth Ashely Lehr, double bass
Biggi Vinkeloe, alto saxophone, flute
January 9th
REV, Donald Robinson, drums / Lisle Ellis, bass / Biggi Vinkeloe, sax, flute
GOLD LION ARTS in Sacramento

REV came together in 2001 in San Francisco, when I was a resident at the Headlands Center for the Arts. This trio has recorded a CD ‘Blue RÊVE’ which got very positive reviews in two continents. REV has worked together ever since, with performances on the west coast from the bay area down to San Diego, the New York area and Sweden.

Finally REV appears again


Thank you to Biggi Vinkeloe for initiating a discussion about women in Jazz and for bringing these players to Sacramento.

Born in Germany. Studied and lived in France from 1974 to 1988. Since then lives and works in Sweden.

Biggi Vinkeloe has performed in Sweden, France, Germany, England, Finland, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Canada, USA , with Peeter Uuskyla, Barre Phillips, Peter Kowald, Cecil Taylor, Ken Filiano, Steve Swell, Joel Futtermann, Alex Cline, Chris Brown, Jacques Veillé, Giancarlo Locatelli, Alberto Braida, Filippo Monico, Roberto Bellatalla, Paul Plimley, Jackson Krall, Joachim Zoepf, Georg Wolf, Gino Robair, Gianni Gebbia, Jerome Bryerton, Wayne Lopes, Paul Obermayer, Rex Casswell, Peter Friis Nielsen, Perry Robinson, Lotte Anker, Sylvie Degiez, Vinny Golia, Harris Eisenstadt, Damon Smith, Mark Weaver, Mischa Feigin, Marco Eneidi, Mary Oliver, Miya Masaoka, Donald Robinson, Lisle Ellis among others.


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