neem gabby fluke-mogul and k. kipperman July 24th 8:30PM

gabby fluke-mogul  is a performing, teaching, composing & collaborating-improviser based out of the bay area. gabby has existed as a violin-body in south florida, western massachusetts, & the wider new england area. in addition to performing solo acoustic violin-body improvisations, gfm collaborates with local & touring ensembles, thesis performances, facilitates community-based workshops, & teaches in public, private, & non-profit learning spaces. gfm has performed in & with a variety of ensembles, installations, bodies, & instrument bodies. gabby is presently studying with fred frith, zeena parkins, roscoe mitchell, india cooke, & pauline oliveros at mills college in the MFA program for performance & literature with improvisation specialization. 

k. kipperman is an experimental music composer, improvisor, teacher, listener, sounder, vegan, multi-media artist, writer, crafter, and more. Originally hailing from New Hampshire, they also lived for a time in Berlin, Germany, but now reside in western Massachusetts teaching and working in the Hampshire College Music Department. k will begin in the MA in [music] composition program at Mills College in Oakland, CA in the fall of 2015. Inspired by something, everything, and sometimes even nothing, k is always thinking about what it means to be connected to and critical of one’s own identity and privilege within music, sound, noise, composition, art, communities, and everything else in the entire world (also outer space).

‘neem is what we create together.’
 a queer improvisational duo focusing on issues of identity, bodies,
gender, sexuality, feminism, eroticism, & more within the music continuum.

collette mccaslin – percussion/cornet amy reed – electric guitar
….both visual artists and improvisers, the duo was formed by an understanding and friendship based on spontaneous conversations in sound
mccaslin/reed prepare for a forthcoming new release


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