February 4th, 2014 ANDREA NEUMANN inside piano, mixing desk BONNIE JONES electronics, mics. GLArts 8 P.M Sacramento, CA.

February 5th 2014  ANDREA NEUMANN inside piano, mixing desk
BONNIE JONES electronics, mics


Andrea Neumann (BERLIN) | Piano, Inside Piano, Composition
Born 1968 in Freiburg, Studied classical piano at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin. Has been active primarily as musician and composer in the fields of new music and experimental music since 1994.
She has been significantly involved in the formation and development of the “echtzeitmusik” scene in Berlin, which borders on fields as varied as noise, electronica, contemporary composed music, performance, and sound art. (see ‘echtzeitmusik berlin selbstbestimmung einer szene’ published at wolke-verlag (http://www.wolke-verlag.de). She has co-organized “Labor Sonor,” a series for experimental music, film and performance in Berlin since 2000.
Her exploration of the piano for new sound possibilities has led her to reduce the instrument to its strings, its resonance board and the cast-iron frame. Playing this unmounted ‘leftover’ of a piano, with the help of electronics to amplify and manipulate the sound, she has developed several of her own playing techniques, sounds, and ways for preparing the instrument. For reasons of weight, a lighter special instrument was crafted in 2000 according to the measurements of the original heavier inside piano (piano builder, Bernd Bittmann, Berlin).
She has engaged in intensive cooperations in the mixed border areas between composition and improvisation, between electronic and hand-made music, between instrumental and performative music with ensembles like “Les Femmes Savantes”, “Phosphor” and with musicians like Sophie Agnel, Burkhard Beins, Sabine Ercklentz, Bonnie Jones, Annette Krebs, Hanna Hartman o.a.
Concert and festival performances in Europa, USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Australia and Japan
In 2008 she was a fellow at Villa Aurora in Los Angeles. In 2008 honorary mention by Prix Ars Electronika for “Videobrücke Berlin -Stockholm, a collaboration with Sabine Ercklentz
2011 coeditor of ‘echtzeitmusik berlin selbstbestimmung einer szene’ published at wolke-verlag

Bonnie Jones (BALTIMORE, MD) | Electronics, microphones
(b. 1977, Seoul, South Korea), Bonnie Jones is a Korean-American writer, improvising musician, and performer working primarily with electronic music and text. Born in 1977 in South Korea she was raised on a dairy farm in New Jersey, and currently resides in Baltimore, MD. Jones creates improvised and composed text-sound performances that explore the fluidity and function of electronic noise (field recordings, circuit bending) and text (poetry, found, spoken). She is interested in how people perceive, “read” and interact with these sounds and texts given our current technological moment.
As a musician and improviser she re-purposes digital delay pedals as circuit-bent electronic instruments, directly playing the exposed circuit boards with instrument cables to produce raw and often chaotic electronic sound. Her sound palette challenges the accepted languages of contemporary music as well as the conventional modes of playing associated with electronic musicians. Jones’ multimedia performance works use projected text and live writing to improvise with musicians, video artists, dancers, and other writers. The work draws on her background as a poet and explores a form of writing “off-the-page” that directly interacts with the audience and other collaborators.
Jones has performed her work in the US, Europe and Asia, and has appeared in the Christian Marclay Festival at the Whitney (NYC,) ErstQuake Festival (NYC), No Idea Festival (TX), Cha’ ak’ ab Paaxil Festival (Mexico), and High Zero Festival (MD). She has ongoing collaborations with musicians, visual artists, and writers including Andrea Neumann, Toshimaru Nakamura, Carla Harryman, and others. Jones has received several awards and recognitions including a Fulbright Fellowship, grants from Meet the Composer, and artist residencies at STEIM (Amsterdam, NL) and Q02 (Brussels, BE.) She has been a visiting artist at Wesleyan College, University of Maryland, Dartington College at the University of Falmouth (UK), and has conducted workshops on electronic music, improvisation, and technology. She was also the curator and co-founder of the Transmodern Festival, and curator / organizer of the Los Solos Series (a performance series presenting solo works of female artists). Jones received her MFA from the Milton Avery School for the Arts at Bard College.


Supported by a grant from the Goethe Institut

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